Thursday, September 01, 2016

It might be...

...Baby month!! I am so happy to be within a month, Lord willing, of meeting this baby. 
Martin was 6 days early. 
Warren was 10 days early. 
Watch this baby be 16 days late to make the average. :) 

But regardless, this is definitely the month of my bff from college, my sister, and my brother all visiting!!! It will be so good to see them all. ESL starts this month too. I'll be happy to see our students again and to have the chance to each God provide everything we need to run the ministry. Happy, happy September!! 

It is also filled with bittersweet moments and missed opportunities. Saying goodbye to family when they leave is sad.  I am not teaching my class at college this year (thanks to baby three showing up). The semester started last week and I am missing teaching already. One of our favorite couples is moving to Mississippi. We will miss our monthly movie night & dinner and seeing their smiling faces at church and eating dinner with them & laughing (or talking serious matters) almost every Sunday evening. 

All these things make us long for heaven, where all will be well. Just remember the sweetness of our happiest times is just a foretaste of heaven. Praise God for His son, who sacrificed all so that we could be made righteous in Him. What a marvelous truth. 

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