Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We stopped by the church office today to work on ESL. It should have taken a few minutes, but everything takes longer than I expect. :) Sure, tally up 32 interview scores and assign them into three classes... Sounds easy right? The hard part is when you find interviews that don't make any sense and that don't have an interviewers name on them... So, there is no way of following up to ask questions and you just have to pray and make the best guess of what class they should be in (example: one student scored a 28 last year, she scored a 49 this year (50 is the highest) and would have rocketed her from beginners to advanced... I talked to her last week and knew there was no way she could handle that class). We ended up being there over two hours. Thankfully, we had no other plans today. 

For that time period the boys were amazingly well behaved. The church secretary let them punch holes and cut paper. There are so balls and traffic cones in the youth room that keep them amused. Then I took them to Chick-fil-A afterwards to celebrate (and because it was two hours past lunch). 

I am glad ESL starts this Thursday and soon all this registration and planning will be behind us. It is exhausting. It is kind of like a wind-up toy, you put all the energy into starting it and once you let it go it goes on its own pretty well. :) I am so thankful that God uses even our weakest efforts to bring Him glory. 

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