Wednesday, September 07, 2016

5 brown eggs!!!

I don't have a picture of the eggs. 

Martin and I went out to check on the chickens after lunch and found three eggs. Three eggs is good and about average. I didn't expect any more. They are usually done laying by around 2 or 3pm. We were busy in the afternoon and didn't check again. 

Jared had a meeting at church that evening and so I went to lock up the chickens. I checked one nesting box and there was an egg. Then I checked the second box and there was another egg!! What?!? So, either one of my chickens laid two eggs or all five of them laid an egg. Either way is pretty cool. Go chickens. 

Warren loves wearing sunglasses around.  I just needed a picture for this post. :) 

Yesterday was a crazy day. While I was in the shower the boys colored on their new white bunkbed with red sharpie. Yes. It doesn't come off. I'll be repainting the bed once I buy some primer paint that will cover the marker. I made it fade to a yellow orange with a mixture of toothpaste and rubbing alcohol. Who knew toothpaste was so useful. 

That was just the start of the day... The whole day had that sort of feel to it. It was exhausting. But God is faithful even I the midst of spills and messes and tears. He always provides more than you need. And Five eggs at the end of the day seemed miraculous. :) 

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