Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekend recap: Fire trucks, bibs, and a new egg

Today was open house at the fire station. He was a bit excited to go! Thanks to my Mom for taking us so that Jared could work on the bunk bed in peace (which he finished today - pictures once the matters arrives next week). The tour of the fire station was super cool (and was air conditioned) and the boys adore climbing all over trucks. I love being the mom of boys. 

10 bibs and 2 burb clothes. Quilted. Washed. Ready for future showers.

See the egg on the front right? Our biggest chicken started laying eggs today. Her egg is way bigger than the other chicken that has given us 15 eggs so far. Also, note how from one chicken we have gotten lots of shades of brown eggs. So weird. 


Sarah Brewer said...

I am so glad that you blog. I love reading these posts about your life and seeing photos of my nephews several times a week. Makes me feel closer to you all. :) Can't wait till our boys can go on firehouse tours together! Love, Sarah

faith said...

There will be so much excitement. Can you imagine four boys running around? We need to find a train they can ride on. Remember that one in PA that we got to ride. I bet they'd love that.