Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Updates (tooth, chickens, room, etc.)

Tooth update:
While I was having my tooth out, the boys enjoyed waffles and whipped cream at my parents. I think they had fun. Also, I need to make my parents some bibs for their house. They have enough grandkids now. 

My tooth is doing remarkably well. I haven't taken pain medicine at all today.   I am still eating all soft foods, which is getting old. I made myself a strawberry spinach smoothie this morning because  I was craving green stuff. And I am more tired than normal, but that could be the baby. I've gone to bed early the last two days.  

I have noticed that I don't wake up with the dull headache that I often had several times a week. So, once the spot where the tooth was heals up, I should be great!! 

Boys' room update:
The boys' room is coming along nicely. The mattress is supposed to come today.  It was free in-store pick up by yesterday or free shipping to your home by today. We thought we could wait one extra day. We have a couple pictures to hang back up, a pillow to buy, and then I will take pictures and post them. We also want to get a LED strip light to put under the bed so they can turn it on when they are playing under there. But that will probably come later. 

I told Jared I'll try not to invent anymore projects for a few months. :) He's been quite busy since March when we started the chicken house, then the bathroom, and now the boys' room. Good thing he is so handy. 

Book update:
I'm halfway through my second book in August. Maybe if I ever get called in to jury duty I'll get to read more. 

Jury duty update:
I've still only been in once in 17 days. I might have to go in next week... Maybe? 

Chicken update:
One chicken is laying every day. She is now my favorite chicken! 
One chicken has laid two eggs in the last five days. Her eggs are bigger, so maybe it takes more time to make a bigger egg. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. 
The rest are eating lots of food, but not yet producing. 

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