Monday, August 15, 2016

Tooth Extraction

I don't have any pictures for you today. It was a typical Monday, mostly. We went  grocery shopping and put the groceries away. The Boys are getting better at carrying in groceries and putting them where they go. :) It is slow progress, but will be worth it someday. 

Warren took a nap. Martin and I read Beatrix Potter. Any suggestions on kids' books I should start reading to him? He has a great imagination and I want to build it more. He's too young for Narnia. He likes the old Winnie the Pooh books and The Father Chrismas Letter by Tolkien. I'd love ideas for good books that are longer than just picture books. He doesn't mind lots of words. 

My parents came by and watched the boys while I had my tooth taken out. I am glad to finally be over and done with this tooth. It is a long sad story. I had a root canal on it six or seven years ago. It required a crown. The crown fell off over ten times and had to be put back on. It was insane. Jared told me I should just have it pulled. Ha. I should have listened. Finally, it stayed and was a pretty good tooth for four years. 

However, last October it cracked and had an abscess. Went to a dentist. Said it was cracked and needed to come out. Went to an oral surgeon (in January because his wait list was so long).  He didn't think the tooth should come out and sent me back to the endodontist who did the root canal.  He also agreed the tooth was fine and it had been just a gum abscess. Hooray! I get to keep the tooth. 

Four months later... Another abscess. The endodontist sees me again that day (and doesn't charge me either time - I highly recommend him!). Says he can now see a crack (on the x-Rays) and the tooth needs to come out. 

I drag my heels because who wants to have a tooth taken out. What fun is that? Plus, my parents are away for almost all of June and I wanted them to help with the boys. Finally, I call in July (after a third abscess) to set up an appointment. Because I am pregnant I can't have any drugs or anesthesia, which actually saves me like $500. So, I guess it all works out. 

Had the tooth removed today. From the time I sat down in the chair, to being numbed, to have the tooth yanked out, to post instructions it took less than ten minutes!! What? Jared and I both really like this oral surgeon. I highly recommends him too. 

So, now I sit here with a sore, numb, swollen face waiting for my ice cream maker to finish my first batch of homemade ice cream.  I can only eat soft foods the next two days. 

Oh, and did I mention that it is hot outside?!? I am looking forward to autumn. It is my favorite season. I've had enough summer. 


cindy said...

Love You Faith!!
The very first book we read to the kids--boys were quite young--was Trumpet of the Swan-
Has swan facts in it too--ornithology but a very sweet story
Wind in the Willows? Jared has probably thought of that!
I guess you already read more wordy picture books like Velveteen Rabbit?
I have a book at home--Honey for a Child's heart--its old so no books pas the 1980s probably but it gives great age appropriate suggestions of classics!

faith said...

Oh, wind in the willows! What a great books.