Monday, August 08, 2016

Not a Baby and Jury Duty Update

He's not a baby anymore. We call him by his real name. He loves to pitch in and help (carrying trash cans, loading dishwasher, putting clothes in dryer, etc.). He is entering the terrible twos and showing his independent streak more than ever. Overall, he's a sweet little boy. I'm so thankful he loves to play with his brother. 

Also, sidenote, if anyone ever sees these Fisher Price Trio Blocks at a yard sale or consignment shop, please buy them for me. The boys love them, but when I wet to buy more they are discontinued and super expensive. :( so sad. 

Jury duty day one update: There were two trials. Before we even made it upstairs to jury selection they both pled guilty. We were sent home. Boring. I'll be going in next week again sometime, hopefully.  

Two complaints: 
1. Women my age showing up to jury duty in yoga pants (especially ones with see-through panels on the side) and a t-shirt (which is specifically not allowed in the rules they send you). You have to own some sort of professional clothing or a dress or something. 
2.  People complaining about jury duty.  It is free time to read a book. Plus, most jobs pay you for your time at jury duty.  Also, if you choose to play games on your phone while you wait, please, please, turn off the sound. 

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