Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Project

While waiting for Martin to pick out fabric for his new pillowcases, which is scheduled as a post in two Fridays, I wandered over to look at other fabrics. These caught my eye and I knew I had to make something out of them. Something simple. Something quick. Sometimes you just want to sew for fun and finish a project quickly. 

I spent about an hour on them Tuesday. Yesterday I had jury duty. It might get finished this weekend. If it does you'll see pictures of it in a few Fridays.  I'm trying to schedule craft and house projects on Fridays and work ahead to have about a month scheduled in advance. 

I've really been in a sewing kick recently. Reading has fallen by the wayside. I think I realize that once the baby comes I will be able to read while I nurse, but not sew. 

Happy Thursday! The big bathroom reveal is set to post tomorrow. :) 

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