Friday, August 19, 2016

Hooded towels

Martin was given a hooded towel at his baby shower.  We use it for both boys because they are small and one towel can dry them off fine.  But we thought as they got older they would appreciate their own towel. I had to return a few duplicate things after baby three's shower and I used the money to buy them both their own towels and washcloths.  I spent about 30 minutes hemming and sewing the washcloth to the towel and had custom made hooded towels! 

We really don't like baby towels around here. They are made of some thin material that doesn't dry. Real towels are the way to go! :) Plus, they can use them for longer.  

Warren's was going to be green, but Target didn't have any darker green towels.  Martin choose blue.  The only thing that I didn't realize was that the original design used a king size washcloth, not a regular size.  So, the hood is a bit small. The boys don't seem to mind.  They both love having their own towels.  We will pass the original towel down to baby three.

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