Thursday, August 04, 2016

Chickens and Mystery

Spot all five chickens. 
Hint. The three black stars always hang out in a group. Spot one and you see them all. 

They are eating something out of the rain spout. Apparently, there are a lot of Bugs around our house. They have spent most of the last two days eating things right outside the door. 

Jared had a haircut after work tonight and so we had pancakes and eggs for dinner. Martin told me that we had to try the brown eggs to make sure they were good. So, the boys had the first half dozen of eggs, scrambled with cheese. 

We are still only getting one egg a day (come on other four chickens!!), but it is super exciting to find the egg each day. Martin loves it.  And as much as I would like to be the one that goes out and gets the eggs, I am letting him because he takes such joy and pride in picking it up and carrying it inside. 

It is the same feeling as when bread rises or yogurt ferments or you pick produce from your own garden. There is something magical and mysterious about it. It doesn't get old. It is a marvel. Ask Jared, I still get excited every time my bread rises. :) 

I guess it is a good reminder to be amazed and awestruck at the provision and wonder of God. He has provided so much for us and in incredible ways. We lose sight of that while grocery shopping. An egg is just an egg. It seems so much crazier that a chicken lays an egg almost every day to provide for you. It is unbelievable. It is crazy. 

It seems as if you were trusting God to make a chicken lay eggs and a cow make milk and grain to grow in your fields, you'd appreciate the verse about God always providing for the birds and clothing the flowers. Why worry? He just made a chicken lay an egg!! What! That is crazy. An egg that can be used to make bread more delicious and sweet cakes and that you can whip into meringue. The God who can do that can also provide everything else you need. His provision is beyond imagination. He is  all powerful and wonderful. Be in awe of His mighty works. 

Praise God for chickens and eggs and the simple lesson to trust Him more. 

We spend a lot if time watching the chickens eat and walk around the yard. It is way more interesting then you'd think. 

...That is until they eat your thyme and hostas and you have to chase them away. 

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