Friday, August 12, 2016

A Sewing Break from Books

I had high hopes for the end of July and August for my reading goals. I was on such a good roll in June and July. Sewing and cooking have taken the lead in the pass few weeks though. 

And Jury Duty hasn't done anything to help my reading goals. I've gone in once and am excused to possibly go in next Wednesday or Thursday (if my number comes up). So, two times in 20 days... That won't add up to much reading. 

One of my sewing projects...

Made from some fabric Jared and I found on our trip to Denver a few years ago. And look, I used snaps!!

They are reversible strap covers for my ergo. Warren chews on everything. He left watermark stains on both straps. I meant to make these for him, but never got around to it. Thankfully, I washed my ergo last week and all the stains came out. When you look close the fabric is more worn around those parts. This should help. 

I've also:
* made 11 new bibs
* made 2 burb clothes
* replaced 2 diapers' elastics
* converted 4 diapers from Velcro to snaps
* started a new quilt top (it is about halfway finished) 

I'm working on cleaning up my sewing room by completing half-made projects and scraps of fabric that were sitting around. You probably couldn't tell a difference, but I can. 

I'm almost 2/3rds through converting my diapers from Velcro to snaps. I have five diapers left with failing Velcro. The last third has Velcro that still works. So, it is scheduled for replacement in another 12-18 months or so. 

So, maybe I'll be back to books in September. :) 

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