Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Seven Years!!

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary!! It has been a wonderful 7 years. 

We spent the day visiting with 6 of the 9 other cousins on Jared's side of the family. So, 9/12 grandkids (I count the new baby as being present even though only I can feel him) were in one place. That might be a record. The boys had a wonderful time. 

In typical Faith fashion, I caught a cold for our anniversary. I usually am sick for all big events and holidays. 

And Jared was diagnosed with mono, which is actually great news. He has been exhausted, worn out, and has had no energy for 2-3 months now and we couldn't figure out why he was feeling poorly. He's been to the doctor twice and had two blood tests. We are so glad to actually know the reason. Now we know why he has been going to bed so early and I have been able to read so many books. :) 

Hopefully, we will celebrate once our energy returns, ESL training is over, and VBS week ends. 

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