Friday, July 15, 2016

Camera Case

My family bought me a video camera for my birthday!!! I am very excited to take videos of special events in my family's life: days with cousins, birthday parties, holidays, and the first time the boys meet their new brother (it will either be very sweet or we will look back and laugh about it later). 

I sat down and sketched up a camera case based off a little bag pattern that I found online, which I can no longer access.  :(  I changed some of the dimensions and added an extra pocket inside. 
Here is the bag finished. 

Here is my pattern that I sketched.  Yes, that is an old wedding runner that I use for patterns. 

I sewed the pattern together loosely, just to check the overall size.  

Here are my fabrics and lining cut. 

And there is the finished inside. I doubled up the quilt batting to make the padding nice and thick. The pocket in the back is for the charging cord if I am on a trip. I am pretty happy with how sturdy it turned out.  I finished it in under two hours a few Saturday nights ago.

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