Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two for the puddles

The second son started jumping in puddles today. I guess we need another pair of rain boots. :) 

At first, when I had my camera out, he was a little timid. After 30 minutes he was splashing everywhere after his brother. 

We were soaked. One of our favorite activities today was dropping leaves in the gutter and watching them float away. Number two thought that was hilarious. 

On days like today I wish we lived on a nice peaceful court so that the boys could run and jump in the gutters. Cars go down our street so fast that it isn't a possibility. And the muddy driveway is only going to appease them for so long. 

Martin is a little over protective of The baby. A car was parking five houses down and he didn't want him anywhere close to the road. He is sweet. The baby didn't think so.

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