Friday, June 03, 2016

This Is Not My Place of Resting

I fight the feeling of wanted peace and knowing this is not my home. I am not promised comfort here.  The older I grow, the more I understand the verse about all of creation groaning, waiting to be made new.  This song is off the new igrace album. It is amazing. It inspires me to put more energy into kingdom matters. This life is so quickly over.  What am I spending my life on?

This is not my place of resting,
Mine’s a city yet to come;
Onward to it I am hasting,
On to my eternal home.

Beautiful home, oh, may we come
Safe to its fields of fadeless day;
Where every trace of sin’s dark story,
All the curse hath passed away.

In it all is light and glory,
O’er it all a nightless day;
Every trace of sin’s sad story,
All the curse hath passed away. [Refrain]

Soon we pass this desert dreary,
Soon we bid farewell to pain;
Never more are sad and weary,
Never, never sin again. [Refrain]

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