Friday, June 24, 2016


I try to have just enough of everything around the house. When your house is small and storage space is at a minimum it makes you question what you really need.  I still keep way too much stuff. It is a constant battle. I have always been on the messy side. Jared wants to throw away half the stuff in our house. We balance each other out nicely. 

Here are a few examples on how I have saved space or gained space:
* One laundry basket 
* Three baby spoons (I just rinse them off when I am finished and put them in the drying rack)
* Three baby cups 
* Just enough silverware
* Four knives (a chef knife, a bread knife, two paring knives - note: I do have another chef knife, but it doesn't stay sharp and I never use it, I should donate it)
* Table over the stairs (Have I posted about my sewing table? I can't seem to find the post. Maybe that will be my next Friday post).
* Desk in our room 
* Boys' play closet
* We store the boys' too small, too big, and out-of-season clothes under their beds in plastic totes

Sometimes when I am changing the boys clothing size and season over this happens. Since we were away this weekend this sat in my room for over a week. I know. I know. I am trying to avoid situations like this... The point is that there is always work to be done. We will never be perfect, but it isn't an excuse to do nothing and not care.

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