Saturday, June 25, 2016

Frugal Things

1. I made Greek yogurt!! It is so easy. You just strain regular yogurt through a cheesecloth to drain the extra liquid. It reduced in size by half! So creamy! So delicious. 

2. I made a padded bag for my camera. Pictures coming in a future Friday post. 

3. I am wearing a hand-me-down maternity dress! It is super comfy!! 

4. I chopped up a bunch of tomatoes that were marked down at the produce stand because they had bad spots. Some went to Warnie, who likes to eat them plain. Some went in dinner last night, Feta Cheese Chicken. Some went in my Sunday dinner, baked ziti, that I already put together (bonus points! I don't like having to cook on Sunday). The rest I am taking to a friend's house for tacos!! 

5. I also bought peaches that were bruised and marked down. I made a jar of jam, that will be used to stir into Greek yogurt for Jared's lunches. I cut up a bunch and we ate them plain and in smoothies. :) 

6. I turned some old bread and rolls into garlic bread to go with dinner last night. 

7. I bought a bunch of clothes and old shoes from a friend. They are mostly play clothes. Some of them look pretty worn and have stains, but they are perfect for play clothes or blueberry picking clothes. This way I can save their nice t-shirts and shorts for special days and not worry about getting these clothes messy. 

I will try to post my blueberry buckle recipe early next week.  I am making one later today and I'll try to take pictures. 

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