Saturday, June 04, 2016

Book update

I may have only finished one book in May (and that was read on the 30th and 31st). Thanks to a hold at the library for the newest David McCullough book on the Wright brothers. It was excellent. That brought me to 16 books for the year. 

June is already shaping up to be at least a three book month. 
I just finished The Jews in Berlin and Bringing the Gospel to Covenent Children (by Joel Beeke - will probably be the best book I read all year and one I read at least once a year from now on). I hope to write a longer review of the Beeke book once I finish Shepherding a Child's Heart (which I have been in the middle of for over a year). The Beeke book is way more consice. He fit in more material almost a third of the pages. I appreciate that. 

I was pondering what to read next when this showed up. Happy early birthday to me from my parents!!! I am pretty excited about this one. It might set me off on a missionary biography spree. :) 

I already finished my meal for tomorrow. So, off I go to start my new book!!! 


Jeanne said...

I'll add that Eric Liddell book to my list! It's fun to read books about atheletes during Olympic years.

faith said...

You can borrow it once Anna is finished with it. :)