Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A funny mistake

On my meal plan for Thursday I wrote down hamburgers on the grill with sweet potato fries and broccoli from my parent's garden. However, hamburger meat was cheaper in the 3lb container than the 1lb. So, I bought the 3lb and changed my meal plans a little bit. 

Yesterday, I worked in the kitchen making  three meals at once:
1. The hamburger patties 
2. Sloppy Joes
3. A new ATK recipe - Cuban something (it has a bunch of spices and raisins in it)

I decided to warm up the Cuban dish for dinner and serve it with black beans and rice. I even tried some when it was finished. I thought it was quite good. It reminds me of Chrsitmas chili. 

The phone rang right before Jared came home. He had to rush off to have his hair cut. So, I pulled out the containers from the refrigerator while I was still on the phone. I warmed the boys both up some and let Jared dish up his own. **

Everyone ate it. But when I asked Jared later what he thought of the new recipe, he replied that is seemed bland. That seemed odd to me because it had a lot of spice in it, but made a mental note not to make it again. 

Fast forward to lunch today. I went to warm up the sloppy joes for the boys and I for lunch. And it struck me, I had pulled out the sloppy joes to go with the beans and rice last night!! No wonder the food tasted bland. Ha ha ha. I opened up the other container and sure enough, there was nothing taken out of the Cuban dish; it was all still there. 

I guess the lesson is to pay attention when you are on the phone. And don't put the two dishes right next to each other. The thing that kills me is that I DISHED UP THE BOYS FOOD.  I can't believe I didn't notice. Oh well, Jared will have to try the new dish tonight. Too funny. 

**You may wonder why I didn't eat with everyone else... I did, but the new baby doesn't like huge meals or garlic or spicy foods at night. So, I ate, but it was an apple with peanut butter. :)

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Sarah Brewer said...

Pregnancy brain.

It's real.