Friday, June 17, 2016

A, B, C, D Presents

I was invited to a book themed baby shower recently.  When wrapping the presents I organized them by letters of the alphabet.  
A is for Apple (bib).
B is for Ball. 
C is for (outlet) covers (not pictured, but off the registry). 
D is for Doll. 

A note on the doll. When I have time this is going to be my go-to present (along with a large bib). I made a little cute monster doll for Martin when he was a baby.  It had long thin legs and an arm.  He loved chewing on the legs when he was teething.  The baby enjoyed it as well.  I made one for my sister for her shower. Her daughter loves it as well.  

This is the other side of the bib. Note that I used snaps. :) I have gone ahead and replaced all my velcro bibs with snaps. The baby is sneaky and has been able to take velcro bibs off from a young age. 

And here are the packages wrapped. We don't own anything, but Christmas paper around here.

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