Saturday, May 07, 2016

Surrounded by boys...

Even when we were 90% guaranteed that my three yellow chickens were female, we still ended up with a rooster. Poor Roo. He will be "retired" to a friend's farm (probably to be a bowl of soup in the future). We were holding out hope he might be a she, but he started crowing this morning, loudly.  

He hasn't been sent off yet. So, the female to male count in our house is 6 to 5. Once Roo (in the front of the picture) leaves for his new home, we'll be down to 6 to 4. 

Other than the rooster, only the runt has a name so far (known as Runt or Fuzzhead because she still has downy feathers and is smaller than the rest).  I don't know if we'll name any of the rest unless they do something to make them standout. 

Jared finished the chicken coop this week. I got to drill a bunch of boards and screw them in (that makes for a happy engineer). It is the first time I have felt well enough in the last five weeks to help out. The birds were happy to be allowed outside. They are so entertaining. It makes me smile to look out my kitchen window and see them running around their pen. 

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