Wednesday, May 04, 2016


I am converting all my Velcro diapers to snaps (it was either that or replace the Velcro - which would have taken way more work). 

I have over 1,000 snaps coming. I got a little snap happy. But the price difference was so different, that I couldn't resist. What else should I use them on? :) I'll have to think up some fun projects. 

Here is an example of new snaps on a diaper. I bought these Chinese made diapers online. My only complaint about them vs. the bumgenius diapers are that the one row of snaps has a way of twisting. So, I added a few snaps to test out a second row. Now they are much more secure. 


Sarah Brewer said...

I'm really impressed with you fixing the broken ones AND fixing the cheaper ones. Way to go! I love being able to fix something instead of throwing it out. I consider it a real success story. :)

We go through so many diapers here that I've considered cloth diapers, but I can hardly keep up with the laundry I have now, as it is. Cloth diapers are one of those things I'm just not even going to try to tackle at this busy season in our lives. But I sure do admire you for doing it!

I have one question I'm curious about, because I've never done it or seen it done... how does one attach snaps to fabric? Do you have to have a special tool?

faith said...

Yes. There is a snap tool. There are different kinds, a little handheld one for simple application and a table press for more industrial applications. I am sure there are automated ones too. The hand press in nice for diapers because I can manuever it into small places where I need to add the snaps.