Monday, May 30, 2016

Projects, projects, projects...

While I work on finishing the Velcro replacement on the diapers, Jared has started redoing our bathroom. 

This is before. 
I love purple. First, we tried light purple. It didn't work. I like darker purple, but it makes the small bathroom look even smaller. So we picked this in-between shade. It didn't work either. The paint was weird. When it was wet it would turn pink. Sometimes it would stay pink. It wasn't good. 

So, this time we are going with wainscoating on the bottom and grey on the top.

This is the inspiration photo. Right now the bathroom is primed and all the fixtures are taken down. Jared also has put up the wainscoating. 

We hope to have pictures up next weekend or two weekends from now of the finished project. Then maybe we'll move on to shuffling around for the new baby. We are still playing around with ideas for that. 

Also, this week I will post updates on the chickens and show off my nifty chicken coop and run! 

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Sarah Brewer said...

This is exciting! I really like the picture of the inspiration, that's going to look great!

One of the joys and the pains of home-ownership, projects...