Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happiness is...

* A nice long soak for my sore feet (for years Jared has given me lotions and things for my feet, I never find time to use them until I am pregnant and my feet start aching). 
* A new David McCullough book (I've had it on hold for four months now - it came yesterday and ended my reading drought - I've been repairing diapers and put reading in the back burner. I haven't finished any books in May).  
* A bowl of fresh strawberries (I picked 12 quarts yesterday, after an already long day, but I couldn't resist the call of fresh strawberries - they are my favorite fruit, but also probably the reason my feet are sore. But they are so amazing!! There is nothing like a bowl, no sugar, no cream, nothing but a bowl of fresh strawberries. So good.). 
* (sometimes it is) A quiet house (we had a long day today and it is good that the boys are now asleep in bed - they were near meltdown stage). 

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