Thursday, April 14, 2016

One of my favorite things...

I doesn't happen much, but combine a bit of a cold, playing outside, and a late night and it is the perfect recipe for this. I just love him and I wish he'd stop growing up. 

I've been battling this awful chest cold this week. It has completely worn me out. Yesterday, I told the kids, "I am just going to lie on the couch while you play. I am so tired."
He said, "Mom, if you are tired, you should go sleep in your room. We can play out here while you sleep." 

This has nothing to do with either of the above two paragraphs other than it is about Martin. Jared says I should stop answering his why questions in so much detail because it makes him ask even more questions.  I don't care. I want my kids to explore and ask questions and learn so much more than I know about the world and everything God has created!!! 

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