Monday, February 08, 2016

Tomorrow he is 3...

Tomorrow he will wake up and he will be three.  I have had the privilege of being his Mom for three whole years. Tonight I tucked him into his bed for the last time tonight as a two-year old, a toddler, the last little bit of baby. He is now almost all boy.

He can almost dress himself consistently. He puts on his own shoes. He is potty trained. And he talks up a storm about everything. He asks why more times a day then I can answer, but I always try (because I know what it is like to be curious). I try not to give him too hard of a time when he breaks something or ruins something when I can tell he was "just figuring it out". His brain will stop absorbing information at such a rapid rate now. I hope I have taught him everything he needed the first three years.

It is a whole new adventure for all of us (it always is, but this one is hitting me harder than the rest). The side will be taken off his crib. He gets actual sheets and pillows. We will put away the little potty.

I wonder sometimes when he will stop wanting to read books in my lap. I wonder when he will stop running up and randomly saying, "hey, I love you!" throughout the day. When will you not want hugs at night?  I try not to think about it. Will you still hug me when you are grown? Please, do.

Martin, I love you. As you have gotten in the habit of saying recently, "I love you forever!" I pray for you often. I don't know what the future holds or how long I will be allowed to be your mom. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with time with you. You are the best oldest son I could have ever imagined. You have taught me so much about life, about depending on God for strength and wisdom, you challenge me to think about more than myself, and especially you have shown me how to rediscover my sense of wonder for the little things in life. Look to Jesus in everything you do. He will always be there for you, even when I am not (or when you don't want me). Love Him. Cling to Him. Depend on Him. Trust Him.

Happy Three day!
I love you, Mr. Baby.

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