Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sewing is like boating

You say to yourself, "what a beautiful day, I should spend the day boating (or sewing). My machine was working perfectly last time I used it. What could go wrong?"

Half an hour later, after you have troubleshooted everything twice and reloaded your machine multiple times, it finally started working and you have no idea why...or what was wrong... Or how to solve it if it happens again. 

While I had my machine apart I decided to remove all the lint and oil it. And then since I had the oil and other tools out, I took apart and oiled my quilting machine. I hope both machines are happy now.  

It was probably all the sewing I did this weekend that did them in. 
 The snowy weather was perfect to finish two quilts, four table runners, four burp clothes, two bibs, and four diaper covers.  I am currently finishing some blocks for a quilt I started four years ago. Once that is finished, I will have nothing sitting around half finished!! What a great feeling. A clean slate. The sky is the limit. What should I make next?!?

Update: I found one other quilt I was in the middle of. So, I have two quilts worth of blocks to finish and quilt. 


Caitlin said...

I'd love to see pictures of what you've finished

Anonymous said...

I like the bottom quilt! (:

- Anna