Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Get Ahead Day

Coffee cake for Bible study. 
Do you know what is great about this coffee cake recipe? The pecans are only put on the top. This means they are toasted on the top and don't get all mushy and soggy on the inside of the cake. Brilliant. 

Also in the kitchen today:
Cheeseball for Bible study
Chex Mix for Hope
Cheesy Grits for dinner (recipe on recipe page - if you still haven't tried it, you should go any do that). 
French toast for dinner 

What do I have planned for meals this week? These are what I have planned, but things always get all switched around and bumped to next week. 
Breakfast for dinner (cheesy grits, French toast, and eggs)
Chicken hibachi, veggies, and rice 
Chick away (yes, I meant to spell it that way, it is name Martin calls it. We will use our calendar cards for free nuggets!!)
Christmas Chili and rice (recipe coming soon) and salad
Calzones and salad
Maple orange chicken, green beans, probably fried rice (to use up the leftovers from the week) 
German chocolate cake (for Sunday evening dinner, probably with coconut milk)

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