Tuesday, January 05, 2016


We have a bunch of Jared's old history textbooks sitting upstairs. I should have tried to sell them years ago. I finally listed about 20 of them two months ago for a potential earnings of $200. History books are cheap. I am used to $150 engineering textbooks. Those add up more quickly. 

I have sold five so far. :) Turning five useless books into $50 makes me happy. Jared says I am wasting my time and should just donate them. I'll give them a year and donate whatever doesn't sell. 

I enjoy visiting the post office to mail them. The postman is very jolly. The boys just stare at him. When do children learn it is rude to stare? If it were warmer I would walk over to the post office, which would be even more satisfying. 

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Michelle said...

I seriously cannot wait to come visit this weekend! I miss all your faces. :)