Wednesday, December 02, 2015


I am helping to throw a Christmas party for our ESL students this week. We are using:
51 pounds of green beans
4 pounds of bacon
12 pounds of Stuffing
40 pounds of turkey
50 pounds of sweet potato casserole
A few chocolate covered pretzels
24 Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese peppermint frosting
And lots of Christmas cookies!!

Even with buying the turkey, cooked for us by a local restaurant, we are only spending about $3 a person on food. 

We are giving away various Christmas things as door prizes. The boys and I spent all of Monday morning searching for stars, Angels, mini Christmas trees, candy canes, etc. It is extremely hard to find Angels that don't look goofy. Why is that? And advent calendars, especially nativity advent calendars are nearly impossible to find. 

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