Friday, October 09, 2015

Two hundred and forty

I have so many thought rolling around my head that could be blog posts, but they require a real keyboard to type up. It just doesn't work on a phone. 

So, instead you get a sneak peak of my latest quilt. 
I have had to cut and draw lines on 240 of these little squares. It was a daunting project that I finally finished today. Now I just have to sew all 240 of those squares to bigger squares. :) 

Happy Friday! We have company coming this weekend. I have been de cluttering my sewing room. It feels so good to put stuff away or throw it away. I also listed 19 books on that have been sitting in a pile for two years waiting to be sold. I am glad some of them were worth something. 


Nancy Anderson said...

Having company is the one thing that gets me to do a good housecleaning! LOL! My sewing room is another subject though. I bet I know who you mother-in -law is since you are making a quilt:-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I really like those fabrics!