Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sherlock Holmes

There are two things that I sort of follow or collect: ampersands and Sherlock Holmes. With both I am not a fanatic and don't gather as much themed stuff as they sell.  I have collected a few ampersands that I think are attractive and have a place for in my house. As for Sherlock, I have the books, a few trivia books, the old PBS series on DVD, and a Baker Steeet sign in my kitchen (from my sister from our trip to London). My littlest sister just added these to my collection:
Thanks, Hope. These make me smile. I wish I could have worn them under my dress pants when I worked as an engineer. Actually, they would probably be welcomed into the chemistry department where I teach part time. Ha ha. 

Speaking of my chemistry lab, which I have now taught for 7 years (how am I that old?), I just love it! I have had the blessing of two years in a row of good students.  I love being on campus. I love teaching students. I have grown to love my lab material. I am so thankful that God had blessed me with the opportunity to teach once a week. 

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