Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Desk and Shelves

Our filing cabinet and chair just collected dust and junk. Jared suggested a desk so that I could work on ESL emails more comfortably. I saw shelves above a desk on Apartment Therapy (and as anyone who reads my blog knows, I have a deep love of shelves). 

I am still working on arranging the items on shelves and the paint wasn't quite dry on the desk. I quickly threw some things on shelves so I could capture an after picture. 
Thanks to my handy husband for finishing another project for me. Next on the list is shelves (surprise surprise) in the   kitchen (after the molasses and baking powder mess, I finally came around to Jared's idea of shelves in the kitchen) and a tree house. :) Both projects are long term goals. Maybe you will see them next year. 

Thanks also to my husband for cleaning out my car during his day off and helping me put on an ESL lunch at church**. He is the best. I love him. 

**Thanks also to our good friend Wendy for her help. I couldn't have done it without either of you. They cleaned up the whole kitchen while I was putting away books and material. What a blessing. 
Funny story: I told people to bring a side or dessert. I ended up with four bags of rolls and seven desserts. So Wendy ran out and quickly bought some sides. :) 

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