Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bible Memory and a great article!

First, I want to thank my parents for making me go to Awana classes for so many years. There were many nights (when I was older) that I didn't want to go because the other children were not friendly (it was at another church). But I am so thankful that I have so many verses memorized. And I need to pick up my old books from your house so I can start with Martin. 
Thank you also for making me memorize the first chapter of Philippians. It made me realize I could do longer passages. In the future I want to memorize the rest of the book with my children. 
It is wonderful to have verses pop into my head when I need them. I highly recommend scripture memorization. I should do more of it, especially of longer passages. 

Second, I have been having trouble falling a asleep at night the past couple of weeks. It is not every day, but usually a few days before lab starts (even though love it) or a day here and there when I am busy with ESL events (which I also love).  Anyhow, I have this little trick I thought I would share that I use to fall asleep. I go through the alphabet and think up a verse (or several) that start with each letter of the alphabet. I fell asleep somewhere around R or S last night. 

Last, you should read this blog post:

If you need convincing, here is a quote:

"make no mistake about it, if you choose to stand in the lowly places, with the people the world has deemed unlovely, you will get burned. 
do it anyway."

"Behave like a citizen of heaven and spend your life on behalf of the marginalize."

I struggle with balancing that with time with my children. I am still sorting all that out. It could be a blog post someday... If you want more inspiration read:
Radical by David Platt
When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Fikkert

Honestly, I just want to stay home and build cardboard airplanes all the time with my children, but I don't think that is all God has called me to do. As I said, I am still trying to figure all of that out. 

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Nancy said...

I loved Awana and still have at least one of my books and some of my pins!