Thursday, August 06, 2015

Two things came in the mail yesterday...

One I don't like and one I LOVE!! 
Ugh. Everytime I find a Martha Stewart living in my mailbox I have a sense of hope that there might possibly, maybe, hopefully be something, anything, useful in it. There NEVER is!! I am so glad I signed up for a free subscription because I would be mad if I had paid for it. 

I did the calculations this time of how many ads are in the magazine, as you can see scrawled on one of the full page ads that I ripped out. Out of 66 pages there are 13 full page ads (ads on both sides of the page) and 26 half page (ads on one side, pictures or story on the other side). That is 39 percent ofthe  magazine. 

Moving on. 

The second item I LOVE! It came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it a week ago when it was on sale at the America's Test Kitchen store for ONLY $10. This cookbook has 750 recipes that take 45 minutes or fewer to make! I am so excited about many of them.  This will greatly help on those evenings when I am busy all day and just want to let my family eat oatmeal for dinner. :) I will let you know how some of them goes as I try them. 

If they are still on sale I suggest buying a copy. They are normally $35.99. 

My favorite blogger posted a recipe from the cookbook and a link to the sale last week. I tried the recipe. You should too. It is so easy. We had the leftovers in burritos the next day. It was delicious.


Anonymous said...

I got a Martha Stewart Living subscription for a year for free once, and I enjoyed looking through it, but the first thing I would do when it arrived is rip out any of the full-page ads that covered the back and the front of a page. Then it was a little easier to read and much thinner. When I moved, I threw all of the magazines away, but I kept a couple pages that had a few neat party/craft ideas. But I agree, for the most part it is a waste.

I would also tear out Martha's calendar, because, sorry but no one cares what day you are going to see your personal trainer or what day you are having your gardener trim your hedges or what day you second-cousin-twice-removed is having a birthday. :)


faith said...

I don't understand the calendar. It makes me feel less connected to her instead of more connected.

I bring all my used magazines and leave them at the doctor office. I asked them if they wanted them and they said yes. I also saw that aunt Suzanne left some there. That is where I got the idea.