Friday, August 07, 2015

Two new recipes

I tried two new recipes last night from my new cookbook, chicken molè and chocolate cookies. They were both delicious and quick! The chocolate cookies were fudgy with little pockets of melted chocolate that burst in your mouth as you ate them. 

I am trying one or two more out tonight for dinner (maple orange glazed chicken and broccoli & red pepper stir fry). 

You should probably buy a copy while it is still on sale. :) It doesn't explain any of the science behind the recipes. So, if you are looking for a cookbook that makes you a better cook I suggest subscribing to their magazine (the lack of ads is so refreshing) or purchasing their The New Best Recipe. Warning: it is all in black and white with few pictures of anything. This one is more user friendly and has a lot of colored photos throughout. I think they are both worthy additions to your cookbook collection, but especially this one because it is on sale. 

I love America's Test Kitchen because they do everything excellently. I respect that. The first few pages summarize their favorite kitchen equipment.  So far I only own the chef knife, but as my kitchen items break I hope to replace them (I am looking at you blender, measuring cups, whisk, and cookie sheets). I wish I had had that list when I registered. 

Have you tried any new recipes lately? What inspires you to try something new? 

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