Thursday, August 13, 2015

And then we all got sick... And I am thankful!

Monday afternoon, after the gym and the grocery store and the construction, Warren started a fever (of a scary 103 degrees). Thankfully, he was relatively happy. Jared had a haircut and a meeting at church. So, we didn't see him all day. 

Today, Warren woke up congested, but not burning up! Hooray. Unfortunately, I woke up congested. Oh well, that comes with having kids. 

Did I mention that he pulls up to standing in his crib now? When he does it at night while Martin is awake, Martin yells, "mom! Baby standing up!" 

Tuesday, we helped stuff 120 backpacks for a school nearby. Those are my cheat sheets for what goes in each backpack. Why is each grade just slightly different? I am do thankful for the people that came out to help stuff backpacks. They worked really hard and were so cheerful. We finished in under an hour! It was great. 

Wednesday the boys had well check ups (even though one of them wasn't well). It went extremely smoothly! I didn't know what to expect. Last time we had to wait over an hour and it ended with Martin collapsing in a fit of tears when the doctor would ask him to do anything. He kept begging, "please, go home!!" 

Things I am thankful for:
1. That my kids are relatively healthy. 
2. That our doctor visit went way more smoothly than last time. 
3. That So many people showed up to help stuff backpacks. 
4. For my new ATK cookbook, which you should buy. I made amazing risotto, orange chicken, and salmon out of it last week. 
5. That the weather has been cooler. Come on Fall! 
6. That peach season is so long. 
7. For tea
8. For Psalm 69 that was just what I needed last night. I am looking forward to hearing it preached Sunday night. 
9. For a washing machine and dryer
10. For a dishwasher
11. For odd numbers. I have always liked them better than even numbers. 

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