Thursday, July 09, 2015

Beach and some more sewing...

We spent last weekend at the beach. I didn't take any pictures. We played a lot of board games, ate good food, and watched some fun fireworks. The boys slept well away from home. It was a relaxing weekend. 

Martin and I did a bit of sewing yesterday. I will quilt again someday. For now all I am doing is mending.  
1.  I mended a reusable bag. It seems as if I have to mend all my reusable bags once, usually along the seams.  They aren't made to last. 
2. I turned a tattered pair of pajama pants into pajama shorts. The bottoms were all frayed. I chopped them off and hemmed them up. 
3. I turned another pair of pajamas into a hanging laundry bag, maybe for the boys room or bathroom. We only have one laundry hamper currently. I sort of used this tutorial, but I sewed my wooden hoop into the top. I didn't have embroidery hoops big enough.

4. One of my new dresses split open along the front bust seam at church on Sunday. Thankfully, it was a small split and the dress was lined. I hand sewed it back together today. It is as good as new. You would never be able to find where the split had been. 

Today I set out some squares for a table runner, but I am not sure if I will finish it in time for this weekend. We will see. 

Also, how does one sleep like this? Both my boys do this. 

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