Friday, May 29, 2015

Tents, Cars, and So Much More

This week has been super busy. We have  picked a bunch of strawberries, made a pie or two, visited all the grandparents, and spent the majority of our free time on planning for my sister's shower. Jared and I snuck in two dates, one for his birthday and one to buy new dresses for me! Thanks to my parents for watching the boys both times. 

We flew in airplanes. 

We drove cars around.  

We ate lunch in a tent. 

We played in the closet together with trains. Warren now crawls and Martin calls him into the closet or under the crib or table. 

We went to the grocery store. Martin put all the cans in my drying rack and then put them away again when he "drove home from the grocery store". 

We visited the crane truck again. 

And I bought four new dresses. There are only three in the picture. One is dry clean only so I didn't wash it. 
Also, I just love how light my kitchen is!! It makes me happy whenever I am in it. I love my house. 

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