Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crane Truck Part Two

We went back to SU to walk around campus because it was such a pretty day and the crane was back!! What a fun surprise. It was gone when we went two weeks ago. 

We watched it from the parking lot on the grassy area next to the car. 

And while we ate ice cream and I nursed the baby at a picnic table. I have nursed this baby in so many public places. I can't even remember nursing Martin in public, but I know there were a few times. 

And from inside where I went to reset my faculty password in a computer lab. 

Having boys is SO much fun for my engineering side. We will probably build a crane next week from Tinkertoys. I built a trash truck with a movable arm today. I have to give it a few days until it gets old before disassembling it. 

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