Friday, April 10, 2015


My mom sent Martin a letter and it had stickers on it. He peeled this one off, brought it to me, and said, "wake up! Wake up!" I guess he thought it looked like his aunts. Ha ha. He plays a game with them where they close their eyes and he tells them to wake up. 

Also, on my trip to pick up Jared from the airport we stopped at Chick-fil-a for a milkshake. :) As soon as he saw the sign he said, "chick away? Chick away Martin eat chick away? Yeah. Martin eat chick away." 

The fact that he recognizes their logo, which I know he does because the other day he brought me one of their kid meal books and pointed to it and told me it was chick away, makes me never want to let my kids watch tv and be assaulted my kid commercials. Ugh. Kids don't need too many things!! Enough of that. 

So we are driving away and this conversation follows. 
"Martin pee potty chick away?"
"Do you need to use the potty?"
"Yeah. Potty chick away."
Knowin that he has only used one other public restroom, I say, "If you actually use the potty at chick-fil-a I will give you some of my ice cream."
"Martin chick away, pee potty, ice cream! Yeah. That's fun."

So he went inside with me and used the potty. He went in two public restrooms in one day! I am so proud of him and so excited. And on top of that he hasn't had an accident in two day. What?!? Today will probably be a disaster, but I am rejoicing in the small victories. :) 

I love my funny sons. 

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