Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Some days...

Some days don't go as you have planned. Some days the two-year old is going to wake up, totally out of the blue, and be coughing like a seal, wheezing like Darth Vader, and have a fever of 101 degrees. Some days he will just want to be held all day and will get worse as the day goes on and you will finally take him to the doctor. 

The nurse practitioner found nothing wrong with him, but gave me a steroid prescription to open up his lungs. I dropped it off at Rite Aid and the girl told me that it would be 20 minutes. So, I thought, let's go park at SU and watch the contruction and come back. That way I won't have to unload and reload the kids. BAD IDEA! Watching the trucks at SU went great, but when I got back in line to pick up my medicine, I had to wait TWENTY NINE MINUTES! Yes, 29 minutes. That was only two cars in front of me. Martin fell asleep, thankfully, but Warren was hungry and doesn't like being in a car unless it is moving. Next time I think I will just lug them both inside. Aren't drive thrus supposed to be faster? 

I am very grateful that the boys are such happy campers most of the time. Even when they are sick, they are in pretty good spirits. I love them. 

Currently Reading: 
The Hobbit -- we had a free redbox movie and watched the third part last week. It was so bad. I just had to read the book to renew my mind. For those of you who have watched the third part, "why does it hurt so much?" Groan. 

Finished book:
1776 - so good.  I finished it at 4am this morning when Warnie woke up because his teeth hurt him. Normally, I wouldn't turn any lights on, but I really really wanted to finish my book. This is only my third book this month. So I need to real all of the Hobbit by tomorrow. Do you think that is possible? 

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