Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sick Babies

I hadn't had much time, to post, the past couple of days because the baby has been sick with a cold since Saturday. He is actually quiet happy, but he coughs all the time and wakes himself up. Poor kid. Martin woke up with a fever this morning, which I expected to happen since he was cranky yesterday.

Thankfully, I went grocery shopping last night after the kids were asleep. As much as I love shopping with my two kids, it was great to leave the house by myself. I love having conversations with Martin in the car because he is so funny (and I did miss him when I saw two police cars and some construction equipment). However, I loved riding in peace and quiet. I may have just sat in the car for an extra ten minutes when I came back and enjoyed the stillness. Sometimes it is just nice to do something different. 

Also, I went to a homeschool consignment shop yesterday because they were having a sale. And I think I am pretty much stocked up books through first grade now. Ha ha. I probably could get some early reading books like the Bob books still, but I think that's it. 

Providentially, they were having a stuff a bag for $10 sale too. So I stuffed tons of random things in it. We have a bunch of new Dr. Suess books, an I Spy book, some brain quest cards, a new wood puzzle, little kid science books on airplanes and water, and a bunch of other homeschool workbooks. They have kept Martin very entertained today. Hooray!! 

Also providentially, I planned to make BBQ shredded chicken tonight for dinner. So, dinner has taken very little of my time today, which the two boys appreciate. Meal planning makes my life so much easier. It is too bad that I only do it about once a month. 

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