Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Game!

In a happier post...

Martin invented a game this morning. I was stuffing the cloth diapers, standing next to the foldable drying rack, when he threw a pair of his clean underwear over the rack. He laughed. So, I picked it up and tossed it back over to let him practice his catching. He laughed some more and threw it back over. This continued for about 5 minutes until he started saying, "Game! Game! Game!" 

And so we played his game for another 20 minutes or so, when the baby interrupted us. I love his imagination. I am so thankful for his cheerful, creative self. 

I am also thankful he doesn't have fever today or any other signs of sickness. Now baby two just needs to get better. Poor kid. 

Another thing I am thankful for is my Ergo! I am not a babywearer; I tend toward independence. It makes my life easier in the long run. However, when kids are sick, at the grocery store, and on hikes, I adore my Ergo. It helped me make a batch of granola (our breakfast of choice with some plain yogurt and a banana (soon we will have fresh fruit to add - it is almost strawberry, blueberry, and peach time!!)) today. Hooray!! 

The poor sick baby who is mostly happy, just super stuffed up and coughing. 

A little boy and a minion from Hope. He misses Aunt Hope. A salesperson knocked on out door yesterday and he yelled, "Aunt Hope!!!"

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