Thursday, March 05, 2015

More Snow

We had even more snow today. Either Jared or I have had something every night this week!! I don't know how people with kids in activities have any time. Our kids don't do anything yet and we are super busy. 

All of my sisters stopped by at some point this week and visited with us. That was especially nice. We love the Aunts.  :) 

I made a new corn bread recipe from ATK tonight. It was amazing. I will post the recipe later. I also made a new banana bread recipe and bean burrito recipe from them. 

Just so I have a picture, I am throwing in a comment about cloth diapers and Martin helping in the kitchen. I just love my bum genius diapers. They were worth every penny. I have tried several other brands and none of them compare. 

And as you can see, Martin had learned to climb on chairs. He loves to measure and stir when I cook. It is a bit messy, but it keeps him busy while I am cooking. 

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