Friday, March 06, 2015

Corn Tortillas

Honestly, you don't need a recipe for corn tortillas. It is simply water (I use boiling or hot water) and corn masa (flour). 

I use these in my chicken enchiladas and for baked chips. 

Here is how I make them. I mix the water and masa with a spoon while it is super hot and then with my hands once it cools down. It should be the consistency of play dough. It is actually fun to play with. :)

I roll them into 1-2" balls. They have to be covered with a damp cloth, during the winter or they will dry out. I place each one on the press with a piece of plastic under and over it. I use two plastic circles cut from grocery store bags (you can also use wax paper, but I saw my Mexican coworkers doing this and I thought, what a great use for grocery bags). 

Flatten with the press. Peel the top layer off carefully. Pick the other piece of plastic up and flip it over in your hand. Carefully, peel back the second piece of plastic. Place plastic back on press. Flip the tortilla, from your hand, into a hot pan. 

Cook 1-2 minutes for the first side. Flip. Cook another 30 seconds. Keep warm in a clean kitchen towel. 

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