Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Isn't snow pretty? We probably have about 8". Jared still had to go to work today. Boo. I have some homemade chicken stock, which I plan to turn into some sort of soup for dinner. Maybe I will even make some warm bread...  

Martin woke up this morning and I could hear him talking to the baby. The baby gargles back some noises, which are really just the sound of him trying to eat his fist. Then Martin started singing, "mommy, up please". 
So, I went in and first he asked to see the baby. After smiling at the baby for a while, I asked if he wanted to see the snow. I opened the curtains and let him look out. He said, "Martin play big snow?"

Oh, and 2/3rds the way through the second space trilogy book, I have gone back to enjoying it. I am having trouble putting it down. The first book, as boring as most of it was, has made this one more satisfying. It is almost as if you needed the first book to make this one as  understandable and intriguing. 

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