Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Week

Wow. I can't believe it has been a week since I posted. In the last seven days, we celebrated my mom's birthday, it snowed twice, the baby has learned a bunch of new things, I almost finished the space trilogy (only 25 pages left), and Martin keeps doing well in potty training. 

I made a lasagna (new ATK recipe that is amazing), stuffed shells (from Aunt Suzanne's recipe), cowboy cookies, no knead bread, and the most amazing chocolate fudge cookies ever. But that is not all we ate. My sister made a fruit salad, green salad, and delicious barley soup. She also bought a smith island cake and ice cream. We like to eat good food and send food home with each other too.  :) 

This week I have made the baby laugh several times. He Is delightful. The baby also rolled over both ways in one day. He consistently rolls over several times a day now when I put him on his stomach. He also looks like he wants to crawl. He has scooted several inches while I am not watching. He is so much more active than Martin was, but I guess he is trying to keep up. 

I have decided this space trilogy is really good and I want to read it again, not now, but maybe next year. The third book is like a grown up Chronicles of Narnia. It wouldn't be quite as good without the first two books. So, you should read them all! If you are a Lewis fan, you will wonder, why have I never read this third book before? 

My goal was to read 4 books a month. I am coming in at 6 books so far this year. So, not quite as many as I had hoped, but better than zero. If you have any suggestions for excellent fiction or interesting biographies or non-fiction, let me know. 

The brothers


Anonymous said...

I'll have to read those books. I am finally getting around to reading Alone Together. But, after that I will need a new book to read. Darling picture of Martin & Warren! Also, thanks for making all the delicious food for mom's birthday!


faith said...

We ate your soup for 3 days afterwards. It was so good.

How do you like the book?