Friday, February 13, 2015

Boston Creme Cupcakes and a Question

I am testing out recipes for Boston Cream Cupcakes for a pregnancy center benefit our church is having in March. There will be coffee, music, a silent auction (quilts, VP shoe gift card, stay at a hotel in OC,etc), and these: 

I was trying out the ratio of chocolate to cream to cupcake. I also tried out a new yellow cupcake recipe. I didn't have enough cream, so I threw so yogurt into the filling. It came out kind of tangy, but still good. 

I need to pick up some fancy cupcake holders. Where would be the best place? Hobby Lobby? What color do you think I should use? I was thinking maybe just the silver foil ones... 

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Anonymous said...

I would like to eat those cupcakes. If you need a taste tester, I am your woman!

- Anna