Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 Bags in 40 Days

I am intrigued by the 40 bags in 40 days decluttering challenge. I have seen several people mention it recently. I don't plan on doing it, but it has inspired some decluttering.  I attacked some baby clothes, my dresser, and my linen closet. Next up is the top of my dryer. So far, I have:
2 bags of maternity clothes, baby clothes, and toys for the pregnancy center 
1 bag of clothes for Salvation Army
1 bag for a friend
3 bags (grocery size) of trash
1 bag of clothes for a clothes exchange
1 bag of toys for the clothes exchange

And I am burning two small candles from my massive collection of unused candles. So they will be in the trash by nightfall. 

Here is my linen closet. I do have blankets and towels behind the storage bins. I took the drawers from an old organization caddy that I had during college. I find labeling things help them stay in the right place and helps me find stuff faster. Jared built this closet for me a few years ago and I love it. The wall was where the old chimney used to be and was hollow and empty. Now it is a useful closet. He found the door at the ReStore. 

And I also organized some of my drawers. It is amazing how much stuff fits when it is folded and rolled. I keep my stockings also in a small bin to keep that from getting tangled. My bathing suits are in the Gap bag on the far right. 

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